Cost savings and increased productivity.

Goals of each business involve cost minimization and profit making, but constantly rising competition and shortage of qualified technical personnel, bring saving of expenses and increase of productivity to the foreground. There are several ways to this problem solution, including increase of production output and cost minimization.

All we know that one of the key category of costs for any sewing factory is staff costs, and automation of sewing factory is one of the ways for saving of such costs. Increase of productivity is also worth paying attention to. Two these aspects give us an economy on all workcenters. 60% of product cost depends on labour productivity (these are direct expenses - salary, single social tax as well as amortization and other costs). It's not difficult to calculate how quickly Your investments will be compensated. But due to optimization of operating cycle, investments in raw products and materials will be decreased. One of the reasons of low labour productivity is not only out-of-date equipment fleet but oftentimes - low qualification of technical staff. We can solve this problem by personnel training. Apply to us and, together with You, we will prepare an individual training program for Your technical staff and increase of productivity of Your factory.