Warranty service.

Our company provides free guarantee service during all guarantee period, guarantee period is settled be the manufacturer of equipment. Out highly-qualified specialists make a repair at the earliest possible moment.

Thanks to our own spare parts department and supply of equipment from different manufacturers, we have a wide assortment range of spare parts and components. It speeds up the process of trouble-shooting and equipment repair a lot.

Post-warranty service.
Post-warranty service is a service, which allows to make a repair of equipment that was earlier purchased from the manufacturer or official dealer, after quarantee period was expired. After the factory warranty ended, You can sign a Contract about post-warranty service with us.

Which services are involved in a Post-warranty service? 
  • Trouble shooting and equipment repair; 
  • Equipment setting and adjustment; 
  • Maintenance works; 
  • Training; 
  • Or other services which can be discussed on a case-to-case basis.