An idea to create a construction department appeared several years ago. Before, we applied to our partners among suppliers, who received the same enquiries and orders from all over the world, and our customers, unfortunately, had to wait for engineering study and introduction of decision during several months.

Therefore, for our customers' convenience we started our own production of automated solutions, based on our construction department.

Who are our customers?

We are demanded among customers with non-standard tasks, which can't be solved by typical sewing equipment.

Which Tasks are stated for production and construction department?

Oftentimes, highly specialized tasks are stated for construction department, such as creating a solution for a certain sewing unit. Alongside with engineering study of such decisions, our specialists analyze the mostly demanded products, investigate those operations which can be automated, and come up with the decision for this sector. We have a lot of our own projects for manufactures of special wear, uniform and knit wear etc.

Capabilities of construction department.

  • Solution development from scratch. In case when the customer needs the unique solution, satisfying his individual wants;
  • Improvement of already-presented typical decision.

From engineering study till introduction of decision.

For us it is important to understand, what target is stated for construction department? Quality improvement of already-presented decision, automation or local modernization?

Important stage for successful realization is an approval of technical requirements. Absolutely, final outcome depends on correct engineerig study of each task.

Our customer, together with our specialists, prepares technical requirements to solution development or improvement of already-presented decision. Technical requirements should involve all the customers' tasks, exact sizes of sewing parts and stitch data. Customer should prepare cutting pieces, threads and sample of finished product.

Then project implementation is starting. At first, drawings are being developed, if necessary - preproduction model is being prepared and accorded with the customer, and after agreement the decision is being put into production, then - test of working results, and final stage is start-up and training at the customer's base.

Why our customers trust us?

Firstly, it is a huge experience of our technical specialists.

All our employees not only have engineering education and undertook an internship on the world's leading sewing factories and practical training in construction departments of leading equipment manufacturers, but also have a core education in sewing industry and, accordingly, have sewing skills.

Therefore, when the customer applies with a certain task, our construction department can offer either highly-efficient or the lowest cost solutions.

Secondly – flexibility and individual approach for each customer. Each solution is individual and can be produced in single quantity.

Thirdly – great capabilities and sucessfully realized projects, either own or from leading partners. From the one side, we have 25 years of experience in supplies of industrial sewing equipment, while construction department is inside our company. Accordingly, our technical specialists have access to technologies of manufacturers and to any industrial sewing equipment.

Fourthly - timings.

Our specialists work in Russia and can develop and realize a solution much earlier, as opposed to foreign producers, where more time is needed for agreements and delivery not saying about situations, when solution's rework may become necessary. We are always ready to be contacted with our customers.