Small parts preparation

11B-01.jpg 01 Runstitch 2 pocket flaps and trim edges
11B-02.jpg 02 Topstitch 2 pocket flaps
11B-03.jpg 03 Sew collar stay on upper collar

04 Join upper collar and undercollar and trim edges simultaneously
11B-04.jpg 05 Sew prefabricated, turned collar on facing parts

Upper fabric preparation

11B-05.jpg 06 Sew 2 shoulder darts in back panel Sew center back seam with
or without vent Sew back panel seams
 11B-06.jpg 07 Sew 2 front part darts Attach 2 side panels to front parts

08 Sew 2 straight or slanted double piped pockets with flap
in front parts Sew 1 breast welt pocket in front part
11B-07.jpg 09 Fit out breast welt pocket Baste pocket opening

10 Stitch breast welt edges

11 Tape sleeve holes in front and back panels
11B-08.jpg 12 Attach lining side panels to back panels Attach lining side
panels to front panels Sew hind sleeve seam Sew front sleeve seam

Lining preparation

11B-09.jpg 13 Sew up lining center back seam for a length of approx 5 cm
at neck ring and hem Attach label below the neck ring
11B-10.jpg 14 Close lining side seams

15 Sew 2 lining sleeves in body lining

16 Attach lining to facing and collar

Sleeve preparation

11B-11.jpg 17 Sew front sleeve seams. Sew hind sleeve seams
11B-12.jpg 18 Pre-ruffle sleeve setting section


19 Close side seams Close shoulder seams

20 Runstitch front edge without pre-basting and trim

21 Sew undercollar in neck hole

22 Attach lining to hem
23 Stitch through upper collar stay

24 Insert 2 sleeves

25 Sew shoulder pads into armholes

26 Attach sleeve lining and body lining in the lower armhole section

27 Sew lining sleeves on hems of upper fabric sleeves
28 Attach lining to shoulder seams Attach lining to side seams

29 Close seam opening in sleeve lining

30 Sew three buttonholes to front edge

31 Bartack 3 eyelet buttonholes Trim threads
32 Sew 3 buttons with shank on front edge