Small parts preparation

12A-01.jpg 01 Runstitch waistband extension and pocket flaps, trim edges 
12A-02.jpg 02 Sew waistband lining to waistband strip

03 Sew endless zipper on left fly part

04 Overedge pocket facings, piping strips and crotch pieces
12A-03.jpg 05 Attach pocket facings to pocket bag
12A-04.jpg 06 Attach crotch pieces to hind trousers and attach label
to pocket bag or waistband lining
 12A-05.jpg 07 Close front trousers pocket bags

Upper fabric preparation

 12A-06.jpg 08 Overedge hind trousers

09 Overedge front trousers, with knee lining

10 Overedge seat seam

11 Sew darts and waist pleats in hind and front trousers

12 Sew automatically piped pockets in hind trousers, automatic incision

13 Fit out piped pockets and close pocket bags
 12A-07.jpg 14 Attach hind trousers pocket bag to trousers

15 Runstitch wing or side seam pockets to front trousers

16 Turn wing pockets, topstitch pocket opening and attach facings

17 Overedge cut edges in fly section, attaching pocket bag

18 Attach zipper fly to left front trouser

19 Attach zipper fly to right front trouser


 12A-08.jpg 20 Close trousers side seams

21 Topstitch trousers side seams

22 Close trousers inseams

23 Attach pocket bag to waist edge and trim, add belt loops simultaneously

24 Attach waistband

25 Slip on zipper slider, bind lefthand bind fly

26 Finish waistband extension and waistband corner with fly lining
 12A-09.jpg 27 Topstitch righthand fly

28 Topstitch lefthand fly

Assembly and finish pressing

 12A-10.jpg 29 Close cross seam

30 Close seat seam
 12A-11.jpg 31 Stitch through waistband in the seam shadow

32 Tack fly lining and seat lining

33 Bartack pockets, fly and belt loops

34 Sew 3 buttonholes in waistband extension and hind trousers pockets

35 Attach bottom tape

36 Tack trousers cuffs

37 Sew buttons on waistband and hind trousers pockets