Small parts preparation

 12B-01N.jpg 01 Runstitch pocket flaps and trim edges
 12B-02N.jpg 04 Stitch ticket pocket

05 Attach facing to pocket bag
 12B-03N.jpg 07 Tape collar break line on undercollar

08 Sew stay to upper collar

10 Sew collar corners and trim

12 Sew collar to facing (Lapel seam)

Lining preparation

14 Sew side panel seams

15 Sew inside piped pockets

17 Attach labels

18 Fit out inside piped pockets

19 Tack inside pockets

20 Sew side and shoulder seams

21 Attach lining to facing and collar

Upper fabric preparation

12B-06N.jpg 23 Sew center back seam

24 Sew brest darts

25 Sew side panel seams

27 Sew piped pockets in front parts

29 Fit out piped pockets, baste pocket opening
 12B-07N.jpg 30 Sew breast welt pocket

32 Sewing breast welt edges

33 Fit out breast welt pocket, baste pocket opening

34 Tape armholes at front parts, tape armholes at back parts
 12B-08N.jpg 36 Fasten canvas in armhole and cut canvas
 12B-09N.jpg 40 Sew side seams

42 Sew shoulder seams

Sleeve preparation

 12B-10N.jpg 46 Sew hind sleeve seams in upper fabric and lining

47 Sew vent corners

49 Baste sleeve vents

50 Attach lining to sleeve hem

 12B-11N.jpg 51 Pre-ruffle sleeve setting section
 12B-12N.jpg 52 Sew front sleeve seams, with or without seam interruption

54 Spot tack vents and lining sleeve to upper fabric


 12B-13N.jpg 56 Sew collar corners into neckhole

58 Runstitch lapel corners (only at peak lapel)

59 Sew and trim front edges

61 Attach lining to back vent and hem

62 Baste front edges collar and hem

65 Baste hind edges of facing and collar area
 12B-14N.jpg 67 Attach hanger and stitch through upper collar stay

68 Set sleeves

69 Sew body lining into arm-hole and trim

70 Sew sleeve lining into armhole

71 Close seam opening in sleeve lining


 12B-15N.jpg 72 Sew front edge- and lapel buttonhole

73 Tack front edge buttonholes

81 Attach buttons to sleeve vent

82 Attach buttons to front edges