Cuff and collar production

 12C-01.jpg 01 Baste interlining at two cuffs
 12C-02.jpg 02 Runstitching two round cuffs
 12C-03.jpg 03 Topstitching two pre-pressed cuffs
 12C-04.jpg 04 Sewing one buttonhole each in two cuffs

05 Sewing one button each to two cuffs
 12C-05.jpg 06 Baste interlining at collar stay, fused
 12C-06.jpg 07 Runstitching two-piece collar
 12C-07.jpg 08 Topstitching two-piece collar
 12C-08.jpg 09 Attaching collar stay to upper collar
 12C-09.jpg 10 Stitching through collar stay

11 Cutting off extensions of collar stay
 12C-10.jpg 12 Sewing one buttonhole in two-piece collar

Upper fabric parts preparation

 12C-11.jpg 13 Hemming one breast pocket
 12C-12.jpg 14 Sewing buttonhole placket

15 Sewing button placket
 12C-13.jpg 16 Attaching one breast pocket to left front part

17 Sewing six buttonholes to front part

18 Attaching six buttons in front part
 12C-14.jpg 19 Attaching label to back yoke
 12C-15.jpg 20 Attaching yoke to back and simul-taneously lay two pleats manually
 12C-16.jpg 21 Topstitching back yoke

Sleeve preparation / Assembly

 12C-17.jpg 22 Hemming sleeve vent underfacings

23 Attach sleeve vent facings
 12C-18.jpg 24 Joining and topstiching shoulder seam

25 Inserting sleeves, french seam and topstitching steeve setting seam

26 Hemming shirts, curved

27 Positioning sleeve in cuffs and through stitching

28 Attaching collar and counterstitching

29 Marking one button at collar and attaching button